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Shopping instructions

How to select your product and add to cart

First find the product you would like to buy, and then click on 'Add to cart' button.
The default item count is one, but you can change it later on.
Your cart gets created when you click on the 'Add to cart' button.

Adding products to cart does not mean you have to buy them.
You can add to cart as many products as you wish.

The final price of your purchase is the sum of all the products in your cart plus a delivery charge.

How to check out

In order to proceed to check out, click on the button labeled ‘Check out’.

Then you can choose if you would like, to create an account in the customer database, in order to receive product related news, or you can check out products as a guest.

If you choose to check out as guest, you only need to enter the details required for delivery.
When you have completed all the required fields press ‘Save’ to choose the payment method.

Your information is only used for delivery purposes, it is not shared with third parties, or used for any other purpose.